Faculty of Horticulture - University of Craiova


Biodiversity and Conservation of Ecosystems


   Master Degree Program Accredited by A.R.A.C.I.S.

Biodiversity and Conservation of Ecosystems
Qualification achieved: MS in Biodiversity and ecosystem conservation.
Main area of study specific to qualification: Biology
Language of study / examination: Romanian and, in some cases, at the request of a group, English.
Qualification level: Two years, II Cycle of Education according to the Bologna System, Master Program.
The official study time allocated to the program: Full time, 2 academic years.
Admission requirements: Graduate Diploma Cycle I License - according to the Bologna System or equivalent to a minimum overall average of 8.5.
Study Mode: Full time, two years, day.
Program Requirements: 120 Transferable Credits (ECTS) are awarded after completing the entire Educational Program.
Department organizing the ECB Master Program: Department no. 30, Biology and Environmental Engineering.
The Faculty organizing the ECB Master Program: The Faculty of Horticulture.
Access to completing studies: Graduation of the entire Master Program gives access to doctoral studies in Romania and European Union countries.

Employment Opportunities :

  • University or pre-university education institutions (primary, secondary, high school) public or private;
  • Research centers in higher education institutions, public or private;
  • Institute and laboratories, public or private, dedicated to fundamental biological research or applicative;
  • Laboratories within museums;
  • Continuing studies through PhD.

Career Opportunities, according to Occupation Classification in Romanian (C.O.R.):

  • Biologist;
  • Zoologist;
  • Botanist;
  • Researcher in biology;
  • Research assistant in biology;
  • Biologist expert;
  • Biology specialist inspector;
  • Biologist expert reviewer;
  • Botanist advisor;
  • Botanist expert;
  • Botanist expert reviewer;
  • Botany researcher;
  • Research assistant in botany;
  • Zoological research assistant;
  • Zoo researcher;
  • Zoologist;
  • Zoologist expert;
  • Zoologist specialist inspector;
  • Zoologist expert reviewer;
  • Researcher in the field of ecology and environmental protection;
  • Research assistant in ecology and environmental protection;
  • Researcher in genetic engineering;
  • Research assistant in genetic engineering.

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