Faculty of Horticulture - University of Craiova


Food Safety and Consumer Protection


Master Degree Program

Food Safety and Consumer Protection Master (accredited by A.R.A.C.I.S) prepares specialists who will have knowledge and skills regarding:

  • Achieving food control and expertise, including in the field of consumers’ protection.
  • Proving the capacity to implement the total quality system and food expertise.
  • Performing internal and external audit in the field of food quality and safety.
  • Applying the principles and quality management systems in the agro-food chain.
  • Applying acquired knowledge to control food falsification.
  • Carrying out research activities in the field of quality and food safety.



Career Opportunities according to the Occupation Classification in Romania:

  • Manager, agro-food field;
  • Purchasing manager, agro-food field;
  • Supplier relations manager, agro-food field;
  • Supply manager, agro-food field;
  • Sales manager, agro-food field;
  • Head of research and development, agro-food field;
  • Director of food department;
  • Director of catering department;
  • Expert reviewer food industry engineer;
  • Specialist inspector food industry engineer;
  • Food industry engineer specialist;
  • Researcher in quality control of agro-food products;
  • Research engineer in quality control of agro-food products;
  • Research assistant in quality control of agro-food products;
  • Training centers expert, agro-food field;
  • Teacher in pre-university / university education under the law.

Within several official partnerships and as a result of several collaborations at national and international level, the Faculty of Horticulture offers students from the Bachelor and Master study programs the opportunity to study internship programs at other Universities and Partner Institutes in France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria as part of the LLP / ERASMUS PLUS scholarships and mobility programs.

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