Faculty of Horticulture - University of Craiova


Vine - Winemaking Expertise Master

Vine - Winemaking Expertise Master has as objective the training of specialists for the public and private sector in the fields of viticulture, oenology and oenotourism. Multidisciplinary training allows the acquisition of knowledge of a high scientific and technical level that enables graduates to perform cross-border concepts and to develop complex projects. Study disciplines in the curricula ensure the compatibility with the national and international qualifications frameworks. By deepening the knowledge within the master program, graduates acquire skills and competences regarding :

  • Development and application of sustainable vine - winemaking technologies in order to ensure the ecological balance between the ecosystem and the specific activities of viticulture and winemaking;

  • Use of methods and modern techniques for assessing the quality of vine-wine products;

  • Applying the principles and quality management systems in vine - winemaking and oenotourism;

  • Applying the gained knowledge for the control of forgery of vine - winemaking products;

  • Providing consultancy services in the vine - winemaking and oenotourism branch;

  • Conducting research activities in the field of vine - winemaking;

  • Application of the principles, norms and values of the code of professional ethics in the field of vine - winemaking and oenotourism;

  • Application of inter-relationship techniques within a team; taking up of specific tasks in carrying out the control activity of processes and products in the field of vine - winemaking and oenotourism.



   Study Opportunities and Training:

  • Thanks to the numerous collaboration and partnership relations at national and international level, the Faculty of Horticulture offers master students the opportunity to study and have internships in partner Universities of France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria and others, through the scholarships offered by LLP / ERASMUS;
  • The transferable credit system and the quality of the Faculty of Horticulture in Craiova, of member of the UNESCO Chair "Culture et Traditions du Vin" (l'Université de Bourgogne), assures master students of the compatibility with Master programs in higher education specialty institutions from countries with vine - winemaking tradition, affiliated with the UNESCO Chair network, but also the possibility of accessing scholarships within the network, in the second year of Master;
  • Graduates of the master's program can deepen and develop specialized knowledge within the DOCTORAL SCHOOL, resulting in the acquisition of top knowledge and skills in the field.

Professional perspectives according to the Romanian Occupation Code :

  • Horticultural engineer expert;
  • Horticultural engineer specialist inspector;
  • Research assistant in food quality control; Compliance expert;
  • Research engineer in food quality control;
  • Researcher in food quality control;
  • Wine cellar manager; Protocol organizer;
  • Organizer of fairs and exhibitions;
  • Manager, agro-food field;
  • Purchasing manager, agro-food field;
  • Supplier relations manager, agro-Food field;
  • Supply manager, agro-food field;
  • Sales manager, agro-food field;
  • Head of research and development, agro-food field;
  • Head of exhibitions and fairs;
  • Head of elementary working unit;
  • Small business owner - supervisor (endorser) in tourism;
  • Tourist board manager (rural, agrotourist, mountain);
  • Horticulture engineer adviser;
  • Teacher in high school, post-secondary education.

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