Faculty of Horticulture - University of Craiova




Horticulture study program prepares specialists who will have knowledge and skills regarding :

  • Development and use of sustainable horticultural production technologies;
  • Development of a sustainable horticultural production line (in floriculture, vegetable growing, fruit growing, viticulture, winemaking);
  • Production and exploitation of seeds and horticultural planting material (fruit-growing, viticulture, vegetable, dendrological and flower and so on);
  • Providing consultancy and extension services in horticulture;
  • Diagnosis and solving problems related to the organization and management of horticultural farms;
  • Using techniques and specific methods for tasting horticultural products and assessing their quality.

Professional perspectives according to the Romanian Occupation Code :

Horticulturist engineer; Horticultural enterprise manager; Designer engineer in horticulture; Oenologist expert; Specialist adviser for paying agencies; Specialist consultant; Expert specialist customs phytosanitary police; Head of horticultural warehouse; Research engineer in horticulture; Research engineer in plant protection and environmental protection; Chief of horticultural products recovery plant; Specialist teacher in pre-university education (under the law); Biotechnologist; Horticultural engineer specialist inspector.

Study and training opportunities :

Our graduates can deepen and develop specialist knowledge within the MASTER and DOCTORAL modules, resulting in the acquisition of top knowledge and skills in the respective fields.

Thanks to numerous national and international collaboration and partnership relationships, the Faculty of Horticulture offers students and Master students the opportunity to study and practice in partner universities in France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria and so on, through the scholarships offered by LLP / ERASMUS, the Francophone Agency, the UNESCO Culture et Tradition du Vin Chair.


Contact us at :

University of Craiova, Faculty of Horticulture Str. A. I. Cuza nr.13, Craiova, România , Dolj, RO-200585. Telephone/Fax: +40 251 41 45 41 E mail: fh_secretariat@yahoo.com